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How to turn any T8 fixture into a LED light for Clones and Veg

Instead of buying a T5 HO fixture for vegging or clones, we'll show you how to save money by reducing electricity consumption, doing so with less heat to keep your plants and room cool, and also grow better and stronger plants with a higher quality spectrum of light perfect for cloning and vegetation stages of plants.

This can all happen with making the switch to LED T8 tube lights that are compatible with T8 fixtures / shop lights. 

If you have an old fluorescent T8 fixture or shop light that's sitting around, why not refresh it with LED and turn it into an awesome veg light?

Here's how:

1. Get a 4 ft. fluorescent T8 fixture:

2. Simply swap out the old fluorescent bulb with the LED bulb!

Please check the T8 fixture to verify if there is a ballast or no-ballast and if the ballast is in working condition. If there is a ballast present, GREAT. If no ballast, GREAT as well. Our LED tubes have a special built-in internal driver that will work WITH or WITHOUT the electronic ballast. 

If the ballast in the fixture is not compatible, outdated, or defective, a simple bypass of the ballast may be required (refer to installation guide). 

GrowPower LED T8 Grow Light Bulbs for Clones, Microgreens, Veg (5-25 Pack) - GrowPower

3. GROW!


Great for Growing:

  • Microgreens
  • Rooting clones
  • Seedlings
  • Leafy greens and vegetables
  • Veg


Light  Fluorescent T5 HO Fluorescent T8 LED T8
Wattage 54W 32W 20W
Optimum Temperature for Performance 95°F 77°F Under 120°F

Take a notice here that T5HO's perform and produce optimum light at 95°F. That's pretty hot for a grow and way off the comfortable 73°-78°F range to keep your plants happy. 

LED's can operate great and consistently in a huge temperature range from -4°F all the way to 120°F.

Why LED T8's over fluorescent T5HO and T8?

  1. MUCH better light spectrum. The amount of blue spectrum is off the charts peaking at 452 nm for LED, very close to the 460 nm for peak photosynthesis during veg. Fluorescent spectrum is not consistent and peaks in the green spectrum which plants use the LEAST amount of so that energy is wasted.
  2. Saves energy and wattage and LOWERS THE HEAT put off by fluorescent T5HO and T8 bulbs. Excess heat can stress out plants and also stress out your AC. 
  3. LED bulbs last much longer. Our LED T8 tubes are rated at 50,000 hours - that's 7 years on a 18 hour light cycle! No more replacing hard to find T5HO bulbs. 

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments! If interested in switching to LED, we have LED T8 6500K tubes in stock ready to ship!


  • Turn a T8 fluorescent fixture into an awesome LED veg light
  • LED provides perfect light spectrum (blue 460nm) for clones, microgreens, and veg 
  • Low heat output, great efficiency replaces 32W-54W fluorescent with only 20W
  • Compatible with most fluorescent T8 fixtures (download ballast compatibility list)
  • Works WITH or WITHOUT the ballast
  • LED lasts 50,000 hours - thats 7 years on a 18 hour light cycle!


Download Ballast Compatible List
Download Installation Guide



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