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GrowPower LED T8 Grow Light Bulbs for Clones, Microgreens, Veg (5-25 Pack) - GrowPower

GrowPower LED T8 Grow Light Bulbs for Clones, Microgreens, Veg (5-25 Pack)

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Product Description

Turn any T8 fixture into a great LED veg and clone light. T8 LED veg bulbs replaces any fluorescent T8 tube (just swap it out) and installs easily right into standard 4 ft T8 fluorescent fixture or shop light.

Our LED T8 grow light tubes are ballast compatible and works with most fluorescent T8 fixtures and shop lights. - Fixture used in photos was purchased from Home Depot. T8 Fixture is NOT included - we only provide LED T8 tubes.

Great for Growing:

  • Microgreens
  • Rooting clones
  • Seedlings
  • Leafy greens and vegetables
  • Veg


  • Perfect light spectrum (blue 460nm) for clones, microgreens, and veg (6500K)
  • Low heat output, great efficiency replaces 32W-54W fluorescent with only 20W
  • Compatible with most fluorescent T8 fixtures (download ballast compatibility list)
  • Works WITH or WITHOUT the ballast
  • LED lasts 50,000 hours - thats 7 years on a 18 hour light cycle!

Recommended to use at least 2 LED tubes per row of racking. 

Turn your regular fluorescent T8 fixture...

Into an awesome efficient and effective LED grow light for clones and veg.

Our LED T8 tubes are ballast compatible with most fluorescent T8 fixtures!

If the ballast in the fixture is not compatible, outdated, or defective, a simple bypass of the ballast may be required (refer to installation guide). Each LED tube has a special built-in internal driver that will work WITH or WITHOUT the electronic ballast. 


Download Ballast Compatible List
Download Installation Guide


 Type LED
Power Draw 20W per tube, replaces 32W-48W T8 fluorescent lamps
Spectrum / Color Temp 6500K for clones and vegetation stage
Input Voltage 120-277 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Dimensions 48.0 in (L) x 1.0 in (W) x 1.0 in (H)
Cooling Passive, no fans
Housing Aluminum heat-sink casing with polycarbonate shatter-resistant clear lens
Weight 1 lbs
Lifetime 50,000 hours
Certification UL-listed 
Warranty 5-years